Hi, I'm Jacoder23!

Hello there, I'm Jacoder23! I'm a 12 year old programmer, hacker and virus writer! I keep many of my projects here so please do check them out! I'm right now probably doing something so leave me a comment if you want to talk!

Here are some of my projects:

No Bullets Prototype 0.0012

Been a while since I used Scratch. Making this for a lecture I'm doing at school.

The Little Virus Laboratory - ★★★★☆ Took me the longest and is decent enough, can make Batch/VBS viruses/trojans.

Rocket Stairs - ★★★☆☆ It's not done (I'm planning on doing it over the year) but here's where I'm putting the demo of my game Rocket Stairs
WebRK - ★★★★★ Let's wreck some websites (not really)! A booter for server-stress testing I made based from JS-LOIC.
ReBooter - ★★★★☆ A server stress testing tool I made in Node.js. It's actually only around 800 bytes in size.

Image Flipper - ★★★★☆ 15 minute project.

JS Proxy Finder - ★★★★★ My first NPM module! It's a proxy scraper! Still buggy though.

Flappy Boy - ★★★★★ Flappy bird clone I made. Be sure to on sound!

Oracle - ★★★★☆ An old project I dug up. Really pretty and shoutout to Bravindvorak for the awesome background!

RND Password Generator - ★★★☆☆ A quick app that'll generate you a random password. Might change the prompt box to a form later on.

Damn - ★★★★★ Have a damn! In fact have 84 million! - To generate Damns go to the coin drop.

Multi Bits - ★★★★☆ A Bitcoin betting site I made. It has an insane 1% house edge! Go try it out!

Trojan Wood Worker - ★★★☆☆ Works okayishly, makes simple VBS trojans

Metamorphic Hello World Generator - ★★★☆☆ This is just a test. Though it actually works (somewhat) despite the bloat!

A Quick Mini-Article About My Speed Reading Technique - ★★☆☆☆ A quick article I whipped up about my speed reading technique, wish it worked for typing! :)

BeWarez Creation Kit - ★★★★☆ Now at 0.25, finally works for real!

Dogecoin Faucet - ★★★★★ - Free Doge, much coins! Up and running again!
- I can never get it working for long huh?

Ateneo Forums is here! - I'm using Proboards to host it!

A quick, straightforward guide to SEO. Price: $3.99 - Please buy! Support me!

A short article I wrote on free/cheap webhosts. - Yes I'm bored.

Yay, we have a mini-blog! Check out some of my updates!

http://jacoder23.neocities.org/mini-blog.html - Last Updated Sun Jun 5 2016 - Post: Multi Bits

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http://jacoder23.neocities.org/stuff.html - Stuff, just tons of stuff.
OMG! Money eBooks - I'm trying to to make money using CPA and PPD now! If you can please check it out!

Donate me Bitcoins so I can keep making new projects!

Here are some other virus/interesting sites:

http://vxheaven.org - An extremely informative site that you should definitely read! Did I mention that this site hosts several other virus sites?
http://vxheaven.org/29a/main.html - 29a was one of the best virus groups and was officially disbanded in 2008, but their website is still up. They may be old but their site is still an amazing treasure trove of wonders!
http://virus.wikidot.com - Some nice articles to browse through. They'll give you a good summary if you don't have much time. But that doesn't distract from their improtant info, rather they condense it!
http://textfiles.com/virus/ - http://web.textfiles.com/virus/ - Where I started, lots of old helpful and intriguing textfiles! I you really wanna go back in time take a look at some of these!
http://textfiles.com/magazines/40HEX/ - 40Hex was the greatest virus magazine ever! It was a high-quality magazine that ended far too early in it's life! Expect to be wowed by the wonderous techinques to be found here!

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4wFToXmu-LCLBJU6aozPPQ - Not actually a related to viruses but this guy's series on the 48 rules of power definitely needs more attention!

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Internet Awards:
AzvioLab - Awesome guy! 313 updates in three days!!!
Rikka - Seriously, awesome anime fan. WHY DID YOU BAN HIM OMNI!!!
The Dastardly Gazette - Fun guy, Frig And Frag was a dick. :)
Asset-UI - His site is awesome! He has over 2000 updates! He deserves to have at least 100,000 views.
98 Plus - Has a chill site. With over 29k views you should definitely check his site out!