Free/Cheap Webhosts?

I am going to get straight to the point.

Free. Webhosts. Suck.

Except for you Neocities! You guys are awesome!

Anyways if you're making a site and have no money you should definitely use Neocities. The only downside? No server-scripting.

Now there are other options and I'll review them here:


Easily the most famous.

Only if your testing something and you REALLY need to try to get it to work should you use this.

Never use for serious purposes. Plus, you could install WAMP (or XAMPP or MAMP, depending on your operating system) and use that instead.

Other Free Webhosts:

Is it Neocities? Is it a famous and trusted site builder like or Blogger?

If not, no. Just no.

Now cheap webhosts are another story.


Hell yes. This webhost is awesome and are very cheap. Like a coffee a month cheap.

So lower your coffee consumption just a little bit a month and you get a decent webhost.

I've also seen others but I'm gonna go into one other I saw.

They are the cheapest possible I've seen so far.

If you have only come pocket change and need sever-side hosting then try this out. Their prices start at $0.01 per month and they price based on what you actually use not so it's extra cheap and effective if your site is very small.

I haven't used them so I'm not sure how's their customer service unfortunately. So be warned, play it safe when you can and use Bluehost.

Yeah, so I got bored and wrote a quick article. Mybe this I'll become a habit myabe it won't, just remember that when you get something for free, you also lose something.