A weird 100 word poem (flash fiction?) with an equally odd rhyming scheme. Original post.

Bucketful of Teeth (100 words)

   I found a bucketful of teeth one day,
   When I entered our backyard to play
   Fetch with our dog amidst spring in May
   Instead he chose to dig up a deposit which lay
   A container holding dentals in various states of decay,
   Held in a simple array:
   Two sides--the bland, and those that display
   Extraordinary occurrences in no way passe,
   Qualities that mere words alone cannot convey.
   Some were from wine drinkers, smelling of cabernet.
   One from Einstein, it emitted gamma rays.
   Hip hip hurray!
   I tore my teeth out and in came Claude Monet's!
   Oh, what a fantastic day!

Bucketful of Teeth