The Archives

Here you'll see an assortment of old, odd, and outdated projects from the website's previous incarnations, spanning all the way back to when I was 11 years old. Some link to others, some don't. Some projects are accessible from earlier ones and some aren't. There won't be any guiding hands showing you where to find the good stuff, but if you find something interesting, feel free to let me know about. Hate it? Be angry at the person who made all these homepages, I know I am.

Really though, please send me a DM on Twitter if you find my OWO-ified version of a particular short story I wrote. I'll send you... uh something. I'll think about what later. Don't click on any of the ads though.

The OG Computer Virus Generators

These were made when I was 12 and 13 respectively, so don't expect the best of the best malware out of these aight?

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The Little Virus Laboratory

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TLVL 2.0



The Newest Homepage

(besides the current one ofc)

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Materia Supercomplex

(An incomplete guide to the archives)

The Homepage Incarnations (AKA the closest thing to a map here)

If you're really having a difficult time looking around here, try going to Records, 2nd Section in the Materia Supercomplex. There should be a part about these old versions in there.

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The Earliest Homepage

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The Stopgap

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The Popular One

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The One That Tried To Be Popular

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The One That Tried To Revive The Series With Nostalgia But Failed

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The (short) Puzzle